Pay Off Student Loan Debt With Snowball, Automatically.

Snowball Helps You Save
Around $15,000 & 12 years
Off Your Student Loans.

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How Can Snowball Help You?

You will discover that Snowball helps you pay off debt faster, by using our automated solution.
We do this by connecting
borrower to bank,
lender to community crowdfunding and employer,
then back to the student borrower.

Spare Change Round-Up

Each time you buy a latte for $4.25, the remaining $0.75 goes towards your round-up amount.

Once a month your accumulated round-ups are applied to your student loan debts.


Extra Pay

As an example:

One of Snowball’s customers has $18,028 worth of school loans.Her regular payment is $245 per month.

Because she chooses to make an extra payment of $50 on her loan each month, she will save $5,080 in accrued interest, and pay off her loan 2 years and 5 days early.


Community Pay

We’ve all heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child".
Here at Snowball, we believe that it also takes a village,to raise a student out of debt.
Invite your family and friends, loved ones and employers to contribute towards your student loan repayment plan.
We make it easy for anyone to transfer their spare change round-ups and make extra payments on your behalf.


Precision Pay

Precision Pay recommends the fastest pay-off plan for you.
Snowball analyzes all your student loans & aggregates them into one place.
Our custom algorithm minimizes the amount of accrued interest owed.
Your AI backed solution will save you thousands of dollars over time.



Your Dashboard updates in real-time, giving you a high-level overview of your current loan amounts, due dates, interest rates, and monthly payments.

The Snowball Dashboard empowers you to forecast how much money you need, in order to pay off your loans faster. Ultimately, becoming debt free.


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Pay Off Student Debt With Snowball. Automatically.

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